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StM App: Yu 'Jade' Lee by WhiteRilou27 StM App: Yu 'Jade' Lee by WhiteRilou27
for :iconstmortiel:
Yeah my (most likely) first RP group. I RP more at Marriland so I have good experience :) I'm quite nervous though.
I buttchered dem socks like a boss!

EDIT 4/11/14: Changed level 45 to 30 for it was to high for a character that doesn't battle much
EDIT 4/13/14: Changed Charge to Toxic

Still a WIP

Yu “Jade” Lee 李玉


15/April 5



:bulletpurple:Pokémon (#---):

Pikachu (#025)



:bulletpurple:Nature/Summary Characteristic:

Mild/Often lost in thought

5’5”/165 cm


151 lb./68.492 kg

:bulletpurple:Type 1:


Santalune City then moved to Veilstone City
by the age of 13


 :bulletgreen:Kind, sweet, bubbly
 :bulletyellow:Quiet, shy, lonely

 :bulletred:Lazy, stubborn, quick tempered, occasional worrywart

Jade is a shy, quiet, and a loner, thus letting others approach her rather than she approaching others. She can also be lost in thought thinking about ideas for new stories or class projects. She is very easily befriended and is very kind, sweet and bubbly when you do but sometimes she is stubborn, lazy and quick tempered. Also she usually uses swear words from the internet and an occasional meme reference comes by, in short, she is a computer geek. You can also find Jade drawing or writing. She is also a worrywart when something big comes up like an exam or a huge project.

Jade was born with rich and famous parents however they were too busy to pay attention to their child therefore they hired a tutor and a caretaker for Jade. Jade was really shy around her new caretakers. However, they took care of Jade really well and home schooled her. Then by the age of ten, her parents allowed her to go play in the forest nearby. Jade made friends with a Bunnelby by then. Once Jade was twelve, her parents decided to move. Jade was really sad about leaving her Bunnelby friend and had high hopes to see her again. Once Jade and her parents arrived at their Mansion in the bustling city, Jade was back to her normal life and this time, was no longer home schooled and attended a normal elementary school in Veilstone. Not much people in her school know her, so she just stuck to the shadows and stuck to her role of being a loner and was constantly bullied. Every dinner time, when her parents would ask her about school she would just simply reply "It's fine." One day, Jade's parents decided to give Jade a laptop because of her loneliness, Jade was overjoyed by this and instantly was a computer geek. By the middle school, a Minccino came to the school and made friends with a lot of people, including Jade. Jade was overjoyed for having a friend. Then the Minccino student grew really popular and started being mean and sassy to others, Jade was one of the victims and was saddened by this. Soon she couldn't stand this and decided to finally tell her parents about it. By dinner time, her parents asked her "How was school today?" she told them about everything, about the bullies, about her Miccino "frenemy" and others. Her parents just said to ignore her but this had an effect on her grades. Once the report card came, the parents were shocked about how low the grades are and her parents were extremely worried about their child's future, so they searched for schools, academies, institutes until they found a school; St. Mortiel to be exact.

"Jade," her father said

"Yes, father?" asked Jade

"We found out that your grades are getting extremely low so we decided to register you into a different school."

"Which school?" Jade asked

"St. Mortiel." the parents answered

The three discussed a bit about St. Mortiel and Jade finally agreed to go, admitting she will miss her family. Once the time came, her parents brought her to the heart of Hearthome City and left her there.

No bullies, no backstabbing friends, this will be a fresh start for Jade.


:bulletpurple:TMs/HMs/Egg Moves/Tutor Moves:

:icongroundtypeplz: Dig [TM28] - Jade digs a hole underground and hides in it until her opponent is totally confused where Jade is. Then she comes out of the ground, usually behind, and strikes the opponent. She usually uses other moves to deal more damage when she’s out of the ground.

:iconfightingtypeplz: Rock Smash [TM94] - Jade charges toward the foe with her fist prepared. Then she strikes the foe thus dealing an average amount of damage. This move is strong enough to be able used to smash small rocks

:iconelectrictypeplz: Volt Tackle [Egg] - Jade charges up electricity from her cheeks then tackles the opponent at full speed. However, the more distance she has to travel, the weaker the move gets. Jade also gets damage when this move was successfully executed.

:iconpoisontypeplz: Toxic [TM06] - Jade prepares a fist filled of oozing poison then throws it at the foe. Occasionally there are bits of poison left and Jade gets poisoned as well.

:bulletpurple:School Schedule:

-Programming I
-Environmental Science
-World History
-Mandarin I
-Literature and Composition II
-Ceramics and Sculptures
-P.E. and Health IV
-Introduction to Business
-Religious Studies


:bulletpurple:Extra Curricular Activities:
Computer Club

:bulletpurple:Extras/Fun Facts:

-Whatever you do, don’t touch her cheeks. Why? Huge sparks may fly out and shock you.
-She has a Lightning Ball necklace that her mother gave to her before she was sent to the academy. However, she only wears this during weekends and free time.

-The tip of her ears is more of a grayish color.
-Despite being lazy, Jade keeps her dorm clean and listens attentively to class.

-Jade speaks Mandarin fluently
-The TM28 Dig was given to Jade by her Bunnelby friend.
-Jade brought her laptop with her to St. Mortiel. She only keeps it in her dorm though.

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Sackninja Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You say you RP at Marriland? Mind letting me know who you are? :D I'm D0GE/Sackninja
WhiteRilou27 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I'm Sayaka_Miki there :D
Sackninja Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Hai! Can we take this to notes? :3
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LuxrayLZS Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Student Artist
Amazing app, there's a lot of effort put into the description.

One thing that bothers me is how she's level 45 when she's only sixteen. Considering how the level limit for the academy app is between 15-50, and that Jade's backstory doesn't state that she trains or fights a lot, 45 is a pretty high level. Is there a reason why her level is that high?
WhiteRilou27 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I actually forgot about it, I might as well change it tomorrow as it's around midnight here. Thanks for the critique! :)
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